Hand forged copper jewelry using elements of laquered watercolor paintings

Once upon a time, back in the ‘70s and inspired by my Belgian grandmother’s artistic ability with bobbin lace, I took up macramé. Apparently, I was pretty good at creating, because some of my mixed media fabric work landed in three shows at the Toledo Museum of Art. Gypsy-like, I moved around a lot in those days—and somewhere along the line, I also lived in the artist colony in Atlanta’s bohemian Little Five Points community. Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve always managed to surround myself with beauty and art.Today, following a career path that has taken me from working as an artist to becoming a personal chef featured in Cooking Light magazine—and even to the left-brained world of medical billing—I am so happy and proud to return to art and share my jewelry here with you. It’s been a long time coming, but the path has so been worth it. Although I have scant formal training as an artist, I have had generous mentors and have been told that I am instinctive, with a good eye and a natural appreciation for both the practical and the beautiful. More than that, I love pounding on copper
Like life itself, art can be transformational, changing your outlook and making you feel whole again. 
Each of my multi media pieces is created with four layers of paper—the earrings as paper only, and larger pieces joined with copper. Each begins with watercolor, then shapes are cut and fused onto copper for an unusual and eye-catching mixed media effect. Though durable, each piece is actually lightweight and bound with a protective urethane coating. I have also used stones and forged copper to further exxpand into my "sticks and stones collection.
 For me, art is a way to experience and share clarity, positive energy, and joy. I hope you feel that kind of electricity when you wear my work, or share it with others as a gift.

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